Dubai Shopping Mall Map with Location

Dubai Shopping Mall are the heart of Dubai. All international levels brand are available in Dubai shopping malls that’s why Dubai is most famous destination for shopping lovers. In Dubai online shopping also can be done by some of shopping mall and E-commerce websites. There are so many places available for cheap shopping in Dubai. Dubai is most famous for Dubai shopping festival [DSF]. The Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates are two most famous mall of Dubai.

DSF every year brings something interesting for everyone. Its a shoppers paradise, kids Disneyland, art lovers horizon and food fiesta for foodies. Dubai Shopping Festival 2018 is starting in Dec, 2017 and will last for one month long. Last day of festival will be in Jan, 2018.

If there’s any city in the world that takes shopping malls seriously, it’s Dubai. Not only do global brands flock to this retail capital, but shoppers from all over the Middle East and beyond come to Dubai to appreciate the grandiosity and beauty of its shopping centers.

The city’s physical climate, consistently sunny and known to surpass 110 °F, mixed with its economic climate, deeply rooted in property development to the point of experiencing hypergrowth creates a unique mix of tropical and capitalistic energy rarely matched in other cities. Dubai builds with a panache seldom seen anywhere else around the world, so it’s no wonder that stepping into a Dubai shopping mall is an experience in itself.

Upon first going by Dubai, you’d be excused for deduction the city’s authentic game is shopping. With about 96 shopping centers over the city, there’s no better place to locate that flawless dress, dazzlingly custom fitted suit or particular keepsake. Be that as it may, the city’s shopping centers offer significantly more than retail treatment, with indoor amusement parks, social attractions and substantially more. Dubai shopping mall video on Youtube.


List of Shopping Malls in Dubai


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